Since its inception, Brannon Contracting & Maintenance, Inc., has quickly become an industry leader in the Ohio Valley and the surrounding areas focusing on river, lake, and flood emergency work..

Founded on principles of honesty, integrity, hard work and quality, our company has been built on a solid foundation. Although rooted in past performance, we still stay up to date on the best technologies that the construction industry has to offer. So, while our methods embrace improving systems and new technologies, the fundamental character of our foundation is continual improvement and superb quality.
This blend of old and new, of tradition and innovation, combined with a quality approach to business has made us .


Our approach to projects is a systematic method designed to optimize each aspect of the project: cost, quality, schedule and method. We rely heavily on our partnerships with our customers to make this disciplined approach work smoothly. Only through true collaboration can we identify each project's unique challenges and solve them in advance.

Sometimes, it's figuring out the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Other times, it's inventing a new way to construct something. But no matter the size or complexity of the job, our rare perspective, together with our relationship with our customers, makes every project the best it can be.


The application of a new knowledge to an industry, including new equipment, new processes and new products, innovation is a sign of forward motion, of progress, of growth. We place a great deal of importance on this growth. Each time we acquire new technology or learn new skills, we have more to offer our customers. Innovation and timeliness means finding a quicker, more cost effective, more accurate or more efficient way to complete the job.

That translates to customers with projects that are on time, and on budget.