Land Clearing / Forestry Mulching

As a popular land-clearing method, forestry mulching simply utilizes a machine called a mulcher to cut, grind, and clear unwanted overgrown vegetation from a selected area. Meanwhile, a fine layer of ready-for-use mulch is left behind.

Forestry mulching happens after a land-clearing project. Since there will be leftover vegetation remnants, such as trees, grasses, branches, and brush once the land clearing job is finished, forestry mulching is required to turn them into mulch, which is a type of environmentally friendly ground covering. This layer of organic covering will break down and be absorbed into the soil as nutrients to make it more fertile. Besides, the mulch layer can also protect the soil against erosion and stabilize the ground, encouraging the growth of native vegetation.

Brannon Contracting and Maintenance Services, LLC Land Clearing / Forestry Mulching

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